Use your Voice: Finding the nuggets in real time

Lexifone (Haifa/Israel) and EML are developing the first real-time video translation system for the financial market. Best practice examples for the use of EML speech technology (part 4) – booth and live demos at the CCW fair in Berlin, February 21-23, 2017

Heidelberg/ Berlin. Today´s world is a global marketplace, driven by the multimedia internet. Especially in the financial sector, stock market news contains valuable information that financial analysts need to know about as quickly as possible. Financial news frequently includes audio data in various different languages from the most diverse sources. Consequently, there is a growing demand for on-the-fly media transcription and translation, but up to now, there has been no such thing as real-time video translation.

A real-time video translator for the financial sector

The speech technology companies EML European Media Laboratory and Lexifone are closing this gap. In the project "Mediatranslator", they are developing a real-time video translator that is linguistically optimized for the financial sector. "Mediatranslator" is part of the EUREKA research initiative, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry. "We are integrating transcription and translation technologies using neural networks and machine learning tools," says EML's R & D manager Dr. Siegfried Kunzmann. "And by combining speech transcription with translation and optimizing the result for the financial sector we are treading new technological ground," adds Dr. Ike Sagie, CTO of Lexifone.

Distinguished record in speech technology

Both companies have a distinguished record in the field of speech technology. EML develops speech recognition technologies to convert speech into text; Lexifone offers automatic voice translation of telephone conversations to connect people not speaking the same language. Lexifone supports 15 languages, 24 dialects and calls to over 100 countries. EML and Lexifone have been strategic partners since 2015. In the future, the two companies want to optimize the new "Mediatranslator" tools for use in other business sectors.

EML European Media Laboratory GmbH will present their speech technology from February 21-23, 2017, at the CCW in Berlin, the international conference and trade show for customer communications services. The EML stand is located in Hall 2, C19.

Find more best practice examples for the use of EML speech technology in the brochure "Use your Voice!"

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