EML Speech Technology GmbH is a private IT enterprise established by the physicist Klaus Tschira (1940-2015), one of the founders of the SAP AG software company. It is based in Heidelberg, Germany. EML is pursuing research and development in the fields of human-computer interaction and automatic speech processing. The product and service areas comprise speech analytics, media transcription, voice messaging, voice search, dictation, and voice control.

Company History

1997 Establishment of  EML European Media Laboratory at Villa Bosch

Data from adhesive tape: start of the “tesa-ROM” project, cooperation with Beiersdorf AG; “C-Star” research project demonstrates computer-based interpreting system for 6 languages and a portable electronic tourist guide; “Golden Computer” prize for adhesive tape as a data carrier

2000 Cooperation in major projects run by the Federal Ministry for Research and Education (Smartkom, EMBASSI)

2001 Start of the EU project “Crumpet” on location-based information portals

2002 Spin-off “tesa scribos GmbH”

2003 Presentation of the “Hortus Palatinus,” a digital reconstruction of the former Heidelberg Castle gardens, at the Palatinate Museum “Kurpfälzisches Museum Heidelberg”; establishment of Leiner & Wolff GmbH

2005 EML leads a coordination project for the “DGrid” integrated research network; first “Heidelberg Innovation Forum” at the Villa Bosch Conference Center

Kick-off for “Heidelberg Mobil,” Germany’s first WLAN-based city information website for mobile devices

Spin-off company “Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH” established; reorientation from location-based systems towards language technology

2008 Controlling buildings with speech: EML at the CeBIT exhibition

Since 2009:
Represented at the CallCenterWorld trade fair: automatic transcription and analysis of phone calls

2010 Moving into Villa Reiner, Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg 35

2012 META-Seal of Recognition Award 2012; 15 years EML

2016 Moving into "MATHEMATIKON", a science & technology hub conceived and built by Klaus Tschira.

2017 20 years EML

2020 Changing our name to EML Speech Technology GmbH to reflect our focus also in our name