EML is part of a constantly growing international network of partners in the fields of speech analytics, voice messaging, media transcription, location-based search, and assisted living. Collaborations range from our media transcription pilot project to the use of EML speech technology in various products for the analysis of telephone conversations. Partners operating on an international scale benefit from the possibility to transfer EML solutions to other languages.

Tim Mois und Thilo Salmon, Managing Directors, sipgate GmbH

„With several hundreds of thousands of customers in Germany, Austria, and the UK, we are one of the biggest VoIP providers in Europe. We cover the entire range of Internet telephony, from free phone connections for private individuals and supremely functional, low-cost cloud telephony solutions for companies to VoIP hardware and services. Thanks to EML language technology we are the only provider in Germany to be able to offer our customers a special voicemail service.”

Andreas Zawatzky, Managing Director, Mobilcenter Zawatzky GmbH

“For over 50 years, we have been building cars for people with disabilities. Our modifications range from ordinary steering wheels with spinner knobs to high-tech electronic joystick steering. We were looking for a speech control system for the safe safe operation of indicators, horns, windscreen wipers, the car radio or window regulators. Thanks to the collaboration with EML we have been able to achieve our goal. The combination of EML Speech Technology and our long-standing experience in the automobile sector makes for astonishing ease of use and much greater safety for physically challenged drivers.”

Dr. Reinhard Busch, managing director Linguatec Language Technologies GmbH

"For more than 20 years, Linguatec has been developing and selling innovative language technology solutions in the area of automatic translation, speech recognition and speech synthesis. 87 out of 100 top enterprises in Germany run our software successfully. The cooperation with EML resulted in a dictation system with a speaker-independent recognition that meets the highest requirements in recognition precision and scalability."


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Case Studies

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